Stress Free Wedding Planning – Use A Third Party

Congratulations – you are engaged!

As soon as you say ‘yes’ to the big question, the clock starts ticking. Everyone will want to know all about your wedding day and your plans for it. Barely a day will go by when someone doesn’t ask you if you have settled on a date yet. You will even notice friends you rarely speak to suddenly trying to meet up in the hope of securing that all important invite to the big day.

And this is unfortunate, because, as much as you enjoy talking about your lovely new fiancee and the fact that you will still be wed, the pressure of having things planned and organised is enough on its own without the constant questioning. Of course, your family and friends mean well and they just want to show an interest in you life, but sometimes their queries just serve as a reminder of how much left there is to do.

So many things to consider

Most couples plan the big day together, making decisions as a pair as they go. This seems wise and the sheer volume of factors that you need to think about would just be too much for one person. On the list of things you will want to have a good think about are the date and venue of the wedding. You will want to consider your guest list and the location of the reception. You may wish to have special entertainment for your guests and of course you will want a lovely big cake. All of this is without even considering what you will wear or how you will look.

Stress free planning

With wedding planning being increasingly overwhelming, it is no surprise that many newly engaged couples choose to seek the advice from expert wedding planners such as the friendly folk at 1StopWeddingShop.

Such services can really be invaluable in taking the weight off your mind and helping to ease the pressure of such big choices.

Services available to you

Such party planners can offer a plethora of wedding services that will leave you speechless! You may not have even considered some of the options potentially available to you:

  • Engagement photos: what would be nicer to send out on the invitations that a photo of you both as newly engaged!
  • Interior decor: you may well have a wedding theme in mind but perhaps you need inspiration in how to decorate in a classy and fun way. Such wedding services can advise on style and even help to set up on the day!
  • Wedding transport: if you have always had your heart set on turning up to your wedding in a horse drawn carriage, or perhaps even that vintage car, it is possible you have overlooked the ease at which you can find such transport, particularly in rural areas. Wedding services can help you to locate the perfect transport and even help you to bargain a brilliant deal.

Best of luck!

With so much going on, always remember that wedding planning should be fun and exciting. Whenever you feel overwhelmed remember to take a step out and relax. It will be the most magical day of your life, even if things go wrong, take a deep breath, enjoy and us here at wish you all the best in your married life!