andrew-3Hello everyone. My name is Andrew Morgan, 47 years old, and currently lives in the The Land of the Midnight Sun – Alaska. I am happily married to a beautiful woman named Megan, 45 years old. We are blessed with two children – Alex (23 years old) and Rose (15 years old). They are my most treasured possession and I am inspired and motivated because of them.

Just months after I got married, my wife and I were able to buy a piece of land. The land is located perfectly near the woods and a lake and near good neighbors. Then the challenge of building our house came. Fortunately I had good experience in building houses as I helped my Uncle Tom in his construction business. And so, building our own home surely took a toll in our finances. Money was then so tight after that. But the story of me constructing my own house spread all over the neighborhood. Since then, a lot of people approach me to ask for my services like fixing broken stuff, repairing damaged houses from storm, constructing houses and managing interior decoration. Gradually, the work that my two hands can do became a financial source for me. I walked my way to become a DIY expert.

Over the next 15 years, we were able to expand our home and constructed a house-sized shed for my DIY projects and storage for my wide variety of tools. I was also able to help my son Alex build his own house. He then convinced me to create a blog that primarily aims to be an online guide for DIY projects and repairing or fixing stuff. And I said why not. This is how my blog came to be which started a few years ago. It’s called, a combination of DIY and AMO which stands for my name, Andrew Morgan.

family-friendsAll of us in the family are involved in the blog. I mostly write about DIY stuff. My wife occasionally writes about parenting and family psychology. Alex is the one maintaining the website to run smoothly and SEO stuff. My daughter Rose seldom writes short articles about small DIY projects. The blog became a family bonding for us and it made us closer together.

The blog grew bigger and bigger since its inception. Traffic increased and people were very generous on their feedbacks about how the blog helped them in simple and complicated ways. Some people even send stuffs as a thank you present. Then, different companies called up and offer to post ads to my website. And of course I said sure. My son helps me in doing Amazon Affiliate and Google Adsense. The website itself also became a financial source for us.

But it’s never about the money. We always stick to the goal of helping people through our website. We write to give inspiration. My tutorials in DIY help people save money from expensive repairs or unnecessary purchases. Our kids’ projects invite creativity to come out from young teenagers and kids. Raising a good family and smart parenting is what my wife wants to share to our audience. The information that our visitors get is worth reading as it is aimed at helping them.