Top Five Inexpensive Materials for Garden Pathway

Maintaining your garden at home is a therapeutic habit that offers several health benefits: a source of vitamins, organic food, and it improves the quality of air in the vicinity.

In addition to planting, gardening also encourages other physical activities, like making a pathway and setting up a garden set. Adding various decorations to a garden may be a daunting task, but no challenge is insurmountable, especially since here are the top most inexpensive materials that you can use for your next garden makeover.

  1. Turf

Turf is a mess-free and an easy to install patch of grass that would look great in any garden. It has a very natural appearance, and it is known to be one of the most comfortable surfaces to walk on. However, using turf as your garden pathway requires more maintenance, as it may easily wear down into mud if left uncared for.

  1. Mulch

Mulch is an organic and inexpensive material that needs minimal maintenance. Because of its properties, it may serve as a fertilizer of sorts on garden soil. Since this also looks natural, it would complement any garden.

  1. Gravel

These small rocks are very flexible, as they could be made to follow any shape of pathway. Because of this, however, gravel may easily spill over onto other parts. To counter this, it is highly recommended to create a boundary for plants or plant boxes. Since gravel is inorganic, it is not as healthy as mulch.

  1. Resin-bound paving

Inexpensive, easy to install, and very classy looking, many homeowners are opting for resin bound paving as a solution. There are a number of companies that offer a range of paving, like Sureset Garden Pathways. Their products are made specifically for easy installation.

  1. Wood chips

These are like mulch, but larger in size, and usually lighter in colour. Like their smaller grained counterparts, wood chips are flexible like gravel but good for the soil. Homeowners may also refine their purchased wood chips so that they will appear less coarse.

  1. Stone

Using larger, flat stones to form a garden pathway is a hassle-free method of decorating any garden. Furthermore, stones may be laid on much finer materials like mulch or wood chips, as an alternative to setting them down directly on the soil or on top of sand.

A little creativity goes a long way

There are many other materials that may be used to enhance the beauty of your garden. This list here is not exhaustive. Gardeners simply need to think outside of the box.

If working on a tight budget, gardeners should consider looking in their garage first for materials that they may recycle and repurpose. This method applies not just for designing garden pathways, but also garden sets, pots, or makeshift fences.

In other words, a little creativity will take any garden from ordinary to extraordinary. This list is just made to guide, not restrict the ingenuity of homeowners.