5 Compelling Benefits of Terrazzo Tile

Haven’t heard of terrazzo? That’s okay, but it’s a flooring option you should consider if you’re renovating part of your house.

Terrazzo is a composite rather than natural material. It’s made by setting chips of marble or granite in concrete and then polishing to provide a smooth surface. So, what benefits does terrazzo offer?

  1. Low Cost

If you’re working around a strict budget, you might want to think about terrazzo for your flooring. It comes with benefits beyond economy, but there’s no ignoring the fact that low-cost is one of its prime advantages. Instead of using an expensive natural stone like marble or granite, pick terrazzo to replicate the appearance without replicating the price.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendliness might not be one of the main factors you take into consideration when you’re picking out flooring materials, but it’s still best to go environmentally-friendly when you can. Terrazzo floor tiles provide an opportunity to do just that. Because it’s made from a mixture of recycled glass and natural stone, it’s considered a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material.

  1. Water/Heat Resistance

Terrazzo is an extremely practical flooring choice. It can be cut precisely to size and suit a wide range of styles. It’s also resistant to heat and moisture damage thanks to the epoxy used during the manufacturing process.

  1. Durable

A common problem with natural stone is durability, especially when you’re working with a softer stone like marble. Terrazzo tiles are the perfect solution. It is made under very strict conditions to create a tough, durable flooring material that should last for decades, even across high traffic areas. Just make sure you buy your terrazzo from a reputable source.

  1. Versatile

People mostly talk about practical benefits when it comes to terrazzo, but it’s also a very stylish flooring option. While natural stones are quite restrictive in terms of colour and style, terrazzo is available in just about any colour you can imagine, and mosaic design options can create something truly special and personal.