How to use up old paper bags

Paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags, but after a few uses you are often left wondering what you can do with them.

Here are some of our top ideas for using paper bags when you’re finished with them:

  1. Use it as gift wrap

If you haven’t gotten any food or liquid on your paper bags, they can be used as a great quick gift wrap idea. Go traditional by adding some pretty ribbon to make your gifts a bit more personal.

  1. Combat weeds

Cut the bags and place them in an area where you’d like to start growing plants. Then flatten them and cover them with compost, this kills weeds and prevents them from hindering your garden.

  1. Use for composting

When getting rid of food waste, transport them to your food waste bin or compost in a paper bag. You dump the food scraps and then tear up the bag to go directly into the compost pile as well.

  1. Use for packaging

Paper is great for keeping breakables safe when moving to a new house or giving them as a gift. Simply wrap your paper bags around fragile items to save on purchasing expensive wrapping materials.