The Journey From Tree To Timber | Timbersource

For many years, timber has played an important role in the construction industry as a regularly used natural resource for projects like cladding. European Oak (Quercus Robur) and European Redwood (Pinus Sylvestris) are both versatile timbers, that can be used for many projects like cladding, exterior joinery, furniture and many more.

The journey of timber before Timbersource

Stage one – At the initial stage of preparing timber for commercial use, the tree, Quercus Robur will be felled. This process usually takes place in winter as the drop-in temperature is lower which means the timber will have a lower moisture content.

Timbersource source wood from fully managed sustainable forests, which are replanted after they are harvested. Timbersource holds both certificates for The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) which are two main bodies that ensure companies source wood from sustainable forests.

Stage two – A forest worker will determine when and which trees should be cut down, this mainly depends on if they have reached their ‘mature’ stage for felling. For Quercus Robur this will be when the tree has reached 150 years old. The felled trees will then be replaced with saplings.

Stage three – The Quercus Robur logs will then be taken to a sawmill where they will be cut into boards. This process involves rough sawing, followed by re-sawing. The ends of each log are then trimmed to ensure they are straight and circular saws are used to further-process the boards and remove curved edges. The timber is then transported to our yard in Somerset.

The journey of timber when at Timbersource

Stage one – Timbersource receive the timber from the sawmills and tailor each piece to the unique requirements of each client. Timbersource provide timber in rough sawn condition up to completely finished bespoke profiled cladding. Visit our services HERE.

Stage two – The customer decides that they want to order high quality European Oak bespoke cladding. The rough sawn European Oak board will then be planed and used on our band saw to cut the custom timber cladding.

Stage three – The timber is then wrapped and packaged and can be delivered as soon as next day!

Timbersource are a leading online timber merchant in the UK supplying hardwood and softwood timber to the construction, joinery, carpentry, retail and building trade at competitive prices. To visit our website, Click Here.