Duct vs. Ductless Air Conditioning: What is Best for You?

Are you trying to find the best air conditioning option for your home or office?

We know it is a daunting task to find a good and durable air conditioner, so we have enlightened here with very precise information on centralized and ductless air conditioning requirement, usage, benefits, and maintenance to help you make a better decision while buying the best air conditioner.

We know buyers have different needs, which make them confused in choosing the right air conditioner until they have complete information. However, if you are a first-time buyer, you might go through a tough time to decide.

What is the requirement to install ducted air conditioner?

The size of your house has a significant influence on the size of duct air conditioner, if by any chance you install a duct air conditioner of the wrong size, you should manage to live with it as changing centralized air conditioning unit is very complicated and expensive.

To find the perfect size of ducted unit required for your home or office, you should consult a cooling contractor, who will evaluate passive solar gain with the heat-gain calculator your home is prone to. Heat-gain is influenced by your home orientation to the sun. So, the contractor will advise you with an essential air conditioning size.

In a case of a small(undersized) AC unit, the rooms will not get effectively and efficiently cool in summer as the unit has to consume more power to operate and manage room temperature.

Addition to determining the unit size, the contractor will assist you with a complete buying guide to centralized air cooling system, the assistance of which will help you make aware of unit efficiency, performance, quality, reviews, and good brands.

When to opt ducted air conditioner?

–    If you have ductwork installed, you can outright go with this type of air conditioner installation.

–    You can go ahead If you want a better air flow across your home or office.

–    If you have high humidity, it will pull excess water from the air.

–    For a big house or an office, it is cheaper to install than any other cooling systems.

Learn Ducted air conditioning pros and cons?


–    Aesthetic look of your place

–    Cools the entire place

–    It is good option to maintain a constant temperature for a whole living area.

–    Quieter than a ductless air cooling system


–    It is expensive in installation for a small living area.

–    It can’t be an option unless you have ductwork setup.

–    Maintenance

What factors should be considered before installing Ductless air conditioning?

According to HVAC, the installation should be done by a certified and licensed contractor, for the improper installation of air conditioner can’t give the substantial amount of cooling. Furthermore, the improper installation can void the warranty of the unit and cause further damage to the equipment.

Before you finalize size and type of ductless air conditioner, the contractor assesses load calculation to precisely find the capacity of heating and cooling required for each indoor sitting area. Based on the assessment insights, the contractor makes a suggestion with a size of the indoor unit which varies from half a ton up to two and a half ton capacities.

When to choose Ductless air conditioning system

–    With ductless air conditioner, you have a high feasibility to control a temperature of every individual room.

–    If you are looking for a low maintenance system

–    Easier installation than ducted AC

–    It is energy efficient than other air conditioners.

Learn Ductless air conditioning pros and cons?

–    Energy Efficient

–    Easy installation

–    Temperature of individual rooms can be controlled


–    Look apparent in on the wall.

–    While installation, refrigerant pipes, and drain lines have to be penetrated through the wall.