Real Estate Winners and Losers

So you want to build your dream home? I know it can be tempting. With a beautiful beach and tons of property for sale, why not build your dream home in the south? It’s not as hard as you may think. If you need any help you can find it right here. Building a dream home in the south of England isn’t difficult, but you must have some basic tools to get the job done.

First, when I talk to people about building their dream homes they often say they don’t have dreams. It’s not that they don’t want a dream, it’s that when they say dream they are saying it in the past tense. You cannot base your dream on an outdated reality, so don’t dream in the past tense. Many people winners dream of being lottery winners. That’s fine, but the lottery is not reality, and never will be.

Second, if you dream of building your dream house would a secondary school in Portsmouth to be the place you choose? Well, not necessarily. Many secondary schools are not up to par, and in some cases they are downright bad. My experience as a parent has made me hate secondary school; my kids were horrible at it, and I had to start my research all over again before choosing the right one for our family. And I did NOT choose my school because I was desperate, I chose it because the school was nearby, and best of all it was a good school with a wonderful staff.

Third, what fuel source should you choose when creating your dream home? Well, some of you are dreaming of living in a small rural community where gas prices are low and therefore affordable to you. Other dreamers are dreaming of a Florida style oceanfront condominium where they can purchase a unit for less than half the cost of a rent in some of the nation’s best cities. Then there are the dreamers that are building their dream homes on the beach in places like Boca Raton, Palm Springs and Carlsbad. The winners of these two different scenarios obviously chose their dream fuel wisely; by putting money into a new condominium unit, or a boat, instead of a mortgage, they saved themselves tons of money.

Fourth, what are the tax benefits of owning my dream home? Well, I am sorry to say that the answer to this question is “No.” Believe me when I tell you that if I were in the position you are in right now, I would be very angry with you and be calling your city council member every night, begging them to work with me to help reduce my property taxes. Your local property taxes are based upon the current value of your home, not on how much your neighbors have for sale, so keep that in mind when you are discussing the possibility of installing a swimming pool. The winners of this scenario clearly saved themselves a ton of money and have now decided to spend that money on more vacations.

So, now that you know, both winners and losers have a winner, and everyone had a chance to have their dream vacation, who do you think is really the winner? I think it is obvious that by far, the winner was yourself because you chose to save and spend, and invest in yourself. But, the losers, well, they lost, but that does not mean that they did not have a chance to own a home that they could call their own. In fact, they just chose to let go of their dream for a few thousand dollars, but now they have a home that is a home, and they can use their income taxes to pay off the rest of their mortgage and their taxes.