Ultimate Timber Home Inspiration

Timber is such a beautiful material to work and build with as you can create many different looks and types of build depending on your tastes and the kind of wood you wish to use.

Are you looking to build your own home or are you just browsing and dreaming? Either way, I’ve compiled a collection of beautiful homes that will inspire you instantly and make want to include timber in your home instantly.

  1. Feature wall

This home features a beautiful wall made from wood shingles. It adds texture and warmth to the space and has a positively calming effect.

  1. Timber Cladding

How incredible does this border oak look on this home as timber cladding? Matched with the Metal affect window and door fittings really add to the modern yet homely look.

What type of wood would you use as cladding?

  1. Flooring and beams

Matching a new timber floor to existing older beams creates a beautiful and modern home.  Another example shown below:

  1. Feauture Rooms

The question we should be asking is, “where can I get one?!” This bespoke timber room looks like a sauna (and very well could be) and feautres bubble-like windows with views over the sea and sky.


If you are feeling inspired by these images and would like to use timber in and around your home for your own projects, visit timbersource.co.uk and get yourself started right away.