Spring Remodeling Ideas

Well, it’s not like you will remodel your home in wintertime, and summer is simply inconvenient in terms of high temperatures. This leaves you with fall and spring and the latter is an obvious choice. When facing a remodel, things aren’t really easy – it’s somewhat of a big decision and it takes planning and, perhaps even more importantly, ideas! This is exactly what we hope that this article will equip you with, so here are some interesting spring remodeling ideas to look into.

Storing away Excess Items

So, the winter has finally come to pass and there is nothing to look forward to if not to gorgeous, sunny weather. Winter, however, has probably left its traces all around your house and although storing away items such as winter clothing, boots and scarves can’t really be considered “remodeling” per se, it is a vital prerequisite for any type of a remodel.


Yet another crucial step before you start your big remodel, ridding your home of clutter is an event best tackled when the spring is abloom. If your home is overly cluttered, you can blame that little hoarder that hides in every single one of us. The very problem with clutter is outlined in the fact that you probably think that you need every single item that is causing this problem. In order to take care of this, make up a list of items that you haven’t used at all in the past couple of years; these objects have to go, except for those you are emotionally attached to (being sentimental about every single item that you no longer use isn’t an option here). Once you’ve cleared up some space, you can start with your remodel.


Repainting the walls within your house is an excellent place to start – it will not only refresh your home, but also give it a brand new look. An accent wall is a fantastic idea for a spring remodel – paint a single wall in a different color, in a different shade of the same color or make it stand out in a different way, by means of decorations, a mural or by using a different material for it altogether. Seeing as how you are going with a big remodel, you should keep in mind that you should be matching your furniture in accordance with your walls, not the other way around, so paint the walls first.

Open-Floor Plans

These are a very popular choice and, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, the very point here is having a large common room that consists of the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. Just make sure that you define the three spaces properly. On an off chance that you wish to shuffle things up within your kitchenette, make sure that you opt for quality experts such as Your Choice Plumbers, for best results; trust us, you do not want to end up with faulty plumbing.


What better way to provide yourself with a remodeled home than by turning to your yard. Springtime is the best part of the year to invest in your garden. Pick your plants wisely, in accordance with your gardening zone and your own preference. Be sure to check garden and outdoors reviews before you make any expensive purchases.

We hope that these ideas will get you going with your spring remodel. Of course, there is a lot to be done here, but if you plan everything properly and consult experts whenever necessary, you are likely looking at a completely refreshed home!