Select the Best Skip Hire Company for You

If you are in need of a large industrial skip for a building site or a smaller unit to load some items from a home renovation project, there are plenty of options available. A skip is perfect for storing large quantities of commercial or domestic waste, they are cost-efficient and great for waste management purposes. These tips will help you to choose a reputable skip hire company in your area.

Gather Multiple Quotes

Whether you are searching for roll on roll off skip hire in London, or a company who offers smaller units in the area, it is important to gather multiple quotes from different businesses. You’ll find that a lot of businesses offer a wide range of services and their prices will vary significantly, that’s why it is best to do some canvassing and liaise with several companies before you decide on one. If you want value for money, you must get quotes from at least 3 or 4 skip hire organisations in your community. You’ll be able to get the best deal possible and save money in the process. If you’ve no personal connection to the company, you can’t really trust them unless you do some background research.

Unfortunately, as in other industries, you’ll encounter cowboy contractors, so it is vital when gathering quotes to do some background checks. Try to find a company with a solid reputation within the community by speaking to other business who have used their services, you can also check online and browse through reviews.


A reputable waste management service should be transparent when it comes to their rules, regulations and policies. When you ask them questions, they should provide clear, concise answers and not dance around the subject with nonsensical replies. When speaking to them about quotes, they must provide thorough details, you should leave the meeting well informed of the process and procedures involved. Another thing to look for is honesty, there shouldn’t be any hidden costs, and everything should be explained up front the first time you speak to them.


While comparing various skip hire companies, it is essential to rate their experience and knowledge. A company who has been involved in waste management for several years should have plenty of experience in the industry. It is vital that you select a team with an excellent track record, this gives you peace of mind knowing your waste is in good hands and will be disposed of in a proper manner.


When choosing a company, you must also consider their reputation. Make sure you do various background checks and source a team with a good standing. Ask for references from previous clients to gauge the level of service they provide.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you should be able to find the best possible skip hire company for you. Always search for a professional organisation who have an excellent reputation within the industry and the wider community. Look for experience, transparency and business who offer their services at a reasonable price.