Six Reasons to Pick Natural Stone Flooring for your home

A house is central to family life, and one of the ways you can truly make it a home is through picking the best materials for its refurbishment.

Natural stone flooring is a high-quality material that can be used from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. Here are six reasons why you should opt for natural stone flooring in your home.

The Wide variety of Choice

As stone floors are not produced from a man-made material each slab is unique in its design and pattern. This can be perfect if you are going for a natural look in your home.

The wide variety is not restricted to colour or design; as outlined in The Spruce many retailers will use a grading system for their stone products ranging from grade one to three. One is of the highest quality whilst two and three have minor and major defects respectively. This means those shopping on almost all budgets can consider natural stone in their homes.

As each stone has its own unique pattern it can be combined with different styles to create multiple designs. For example, you could combine both marble and slab to create a bespoke pattern.


Stone flooring is naturally more robust and resistant to wear and tear than the laminate and brick alternatives. They are also surprisingly stain-resistant with the proper care. ’The proper treatment’ is the application of a sealing agent to protect the more porous stone slabs. This resistance makes it ideal for areas of the home that see a lot of activity (like the kitchen).

The Heating Properties

Stone flooring is popular in both cool and warm; this is due to it being one of the naturally coldest materials whilst also being a natural conductor of heat. Both these factors make it the ideal partner to underfloor heating. This can create a luxurious feel to your home that is very sought after.

The Low Maintenance

Once installed stone flooring requires some of the least maintenance out of the available option. Basic washing up liquid will do the job and take care of small stains and marks. It is also relatively easy to polish scratches and nicks out of natural stone floors, but make sure you take care of any spillages as soon as they occur.

The Value-Adding Properties

Natural stone flooring is highly sought after and this makes it a good extra to add to your home; not only will it increase the resale value but it also has to be replaced far less than the other flooring types.

You can select the most appropriate grade to match the aesthetic of your house, picking a lower grade of stone flooring for a more rustic property and vice versa.

Natural flooring is the way to go!

As this article shows there are a variety of benefits to natural flooring; when you do decide to make the change check out Martin Moore Stone for high-quality products.