How to Protect Your Home From The Harshest of Weather

If you live in Scotland, for example, you will fully understand just how severe the weather can be, and protecting your home can be quite a challenge. High winds, driving rain and strong direct sunlight all take their toll on a building, and the best form of wall protection is a high quality coating that is applied by professionals. A few years of R & D have led to a product that can stretch to accommodate the extreme temperature changes of our harsh Atlantic climate, and with a dampness that seems to permeate into every crack and crevice of a structure, wall coating is perhaps the only way to really protect the substrate.

Visually Appealing

Nothing is lost on the aesthetic side with modern wall coatings, with a total of 8 dynamic colours that are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel. This means you can transform the look of your property in a single operation, and with top quality products applied professionally, anything the Scottish climate can muster up won’t stand a chance. One might be forgiven for thinking that durability and visual appeal could never meet on a wall surface, yet with the latest coatings, it can easily be achieved. If you would like the best exterior wall insulation in Scotland, an online search will put you in touch with an established contractor who can quote for the job.

Protecting your Investment

Your bricks and mortar property will likely be the biggest single investment you’ll ever make, therefore it makes sense to offer the very best protection, which happens to come in the form of a wall coating. If you deal with a market leader coating company, you can expect a full ten-year warranty that guarantees against fading, and the range of deep and vibrant colours gives you carte blanche in the design stakes.

Preparing the Substrate

Whether stone, cement or concrete, a flexible and durable coating will adhere very well, providing the surface has been correctly prepared. Without this critical step, there would be insufficient adhesion to keep the coating bonded to the substrate, and a water pressure cleaner would ensure that all dirt and grime are removed prior to the application process. Once the engineers are sure the surface is ready, then the coating application can begin, and with several coats, the structure is then protected against the harsh elements. With your property well protected, you can relax and with a rich colour that never fades, a quick wash with a water pressure cleaner will have your home looking like new, and should you ever decide to sell, the wall coating will add value to the property, as well as aiding a quick exchange of contracts.

If you live in Scotland or the North of England and would like complete protection for your residence of offices, an online search will put you in touch with an established wall and roof coating company, and you can join the many homeowners who no longer worry about building maintenance costs.