New Home Design in the New Year

With the New Year come new resolutions and innovations, as well as new ideas on how to rearrange your home to make it more comfortable, exciting and Architectural Digest-worthy (one can dream, right?). Choosing between a plethora of interior design trends in 2017 may be a bit difficult and mind bending, but with a clear vision in mind – you shouldn’t have a problem. After all, it’s your home we are talking about and you should go for what feels right, even if it lines with being a tad edgy or unconventional.

To all of you who are looking to upgrade your home style and include some design improvements in your interior, we’re giving you a few suggestions that will make the whole thing much easier.

Go Crazy with Geometry

Did you like geometry when you were in school? No? Well, you’ll love it now. Redesign your rooms with a geometrical pattern to express your cubistic and minimalistic views is going to be a real thrill. It’s great for places where you want to add more depth and make it appear bigger and more dimensional. The color pallet shouldn’t be a problem, because you can literally choose anything you like.

Bring Nature In

In the modern world that’s suffocated with glass and concrete, it’s welcome to see natural elements included in the interior, even if it’s in accents. Natural elements will help make your space cozier and get you back in touch with nature. However, in the last year, we haven’t seen much of it, which is why this year the Jungalow trend will be simply amazing. Not only will you get to bring nature in, rather, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle in an instant. It’s a very strong trend which aims to create a relaxing environment within your home. Great for those who wish to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work.

It’s All about Blue

Make sure you stock up on blue décor this year – it will be an absolute must. All shades are welcome, as are sizes, and paintings too. Mind you, the color of a room needs to be picked out very carefully, as it alters your mood and plays up your temperament. Blue is great for confidence boost and is for people who are looking to feel relaxed all throughout the day.

Retouch Your Furniture

The furniture in your home plays a key role for design, which is something we tend to forget. Yes, it’s all fun and games to redesign your home, but, often all you need is to give your furniture and décor a new breath of life. Adding new, fresh fabric to some of your furniture elements will not only make it look fancier, but it’ll make it seem like you’ve refurbished the whole room. Try to blend the color with the overall atmosphere of the room, or you will end up with something horrific.

Go Big or Stay Home

Unless your home has a bold and statuesque door, you haven’t entered the year 2017 in style. Upgrade your house with the latest bulky model and enjoy the home you’ve always wanted. Grandeur and confidence are the underlying elements which should guide you towards your new entrance door.

Trends come and go, which is why you should stick with one that you really like, otherwise, it’ll seem like you’re jumping from one design to another. In the end, though, upgrade your home with something you really like and wish to see and enjoy every day. If you don’t, you’ll end up regretting and hating it, and who knows when you will get the chance to redesign again.