An everyday tool you shouldn’t live without

Introduction to multi-tools


What is a multi-tool?

For first time homeowners looking to make repairs and budding DIY enthusiasts with several weekend projects on the go, the tool box is not complete without a multi-tool. Multi-tools are fantastic because (as the name suggests) they are able to carry several different gadgets all on one small device. From corkscrews to pliers to wire cutters, multi-tools can provide the answer to so many of your DIY needs. Being small and compact, multi-tools are ideal for those on the move or those that work outdoors and need something portable to take along with them.


Multi-tools vary greatly in price and quality. They range from $20-$300. As you can expect those that are pretty cheap might not last as long and be made from weaker metals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are useless – it completely depends on what you need the device for. Those who would need only light usage from time to time would benefit from a much simpler model and it wouldn’t be recommended to pay a huge sum if the tool wasn’t in use every day. However, for the more pricier products, the range of features can sometimes be overwhelming with so many different pull-out gadgets to use. Many of the higher range multi-tools even have an option of replacing certain parts of the tool. This can be helpful not only when the tool starts to become worn or damaged, but also if the DIY-er wants to personalise the multi-tool to their own specification. For example, someone who works mostly with electrics might choose to have a multi-tool with several different types of wire cutters built in. It has been noted that with some of these more expensive, higher quality models, they can often be too heavy to carry around on a daily basis. This is a pure side product of the device itself being made of a much stronger metal. Many would recommend that the extra weight is worth it to have a stronger, more reliable device available to you.



So with all the different choices out there, where do you start if you are looking to buy a multi-tool for either personal use, or as a gift?


The Leatherman brand is a solid brand favoured by many DIYers for great quality tools and a fantastic range. Not only are the tools fantastic but the company itself has a pretty unique story. The brand was created by Mr Leatherman. The multi-tools were a solution to some of his and his wife’s issues that they encountered on a tour around Europe. They often found leaky hotel plumbing and needed to complete several roadside fixes as they went. And as a result the Leatherman multi-tool was born.



Leatherman Multi-tool CS

As such a successful brand, there are many different Leatherman gadgets to choose from. Here at we were interested to see what the experts at are saying about the Leatherman CS.  The Leatherman CS is one of the slightly cheaper versions in the range, but it seems that the quality is just as high as other products. It is a simple clip on Leatherman with only a few twist out gadgets to choose from. However, the gadgets it does have are the most essential; twist out scissors, a knife and a file. It is recommended as a fantastic starter multi-tool as it can easily be carried around, weighing only 40g. Those with more heavy duty needs would be advised to select a slightly more robust model with additional features.