What Do Clever Moms and Big Businesses Have in Common – Tips to Saving Time & Headaches!

In a lot of ways, being a mom is like running a big business. It’s fun, exciting, and when you have everything in order – it can even be self-managing. Here are some tips that clever moms already know to help save them time and headaches!

Good Time Management

Like any good CEO or COO, having good time management is important. Whatever your schedule is, knowing how much time you have in a day, knowing what you need to get done, and knowing how to make it happen all come down to good time management. It can take some practice, but finding a good balance of family time, spouse time, personal time, time for work, and time for chores will really help with smooth sailing.

Understanding When to Outsource

There may come a time when you’re at your wit’s end. Everything’s gone wrong and you feel overwhelmed. This is when CEOs turn to this nifty thing called ‘outsourcing’. Whether they pass the work on to their trusted employees or call in an outside service to help out, outsourcing can be a great thing. While you probably won’t need to call in a lawyer to look over paperwork, you may want to call in a company like Central Home Services. They provide specialty cleaning services that can help you save time and sanity around the house. Some moms have already discovered the joys of outsourcing, and they have no regrets!

Keeping Strict Schedules

Scheduling, yeah, ugh! But it’s important! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs stick to a schedule. You should, too. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-from-home mom, or 9-5er, when you have a set schedule you can get the most out of your day. You have a routine that your kids and spouse can rely on. Not only does it provide stability, it makes things easier. You don’t have to freak out worrying about how you’re going to accomplish everything in one day. A schedule helps you tackle large goals over the course of days and smaller goals over the course of the day. Schedules just make everything a little easier.

Knowing the Right People

Every big business has their favorite consultants, freelancers, and contractors. This important because it comes with a lot of benefits. It can bring in new perspectives, alleviate stress, and help with problem-solving. This can include knowing a reliable babysitter or two, a creative friend who can help you out think any problem, and a MacGyver or two who know how to make a house out of three paper clips and a rubber band. When you start having kids and balancing your spouse, kids, and work, things can start feeling a little crazy. Knowing the right people can really help cut down on the craziness.

Cutting Your Losses

As Jerry Manas says, ‘Don’t let your desire to succeed be the enemy of good judgment.’ He says that knowing when to cut your losses is a necessity. He also points out that if Napoleon had ditched Moscow right away, he could have returned with a ‘salvageable army.’ You probably don’t have to worry about scrapping a huge deal with investors or deciding what country to invade, but there are days when you’ll be faced with the choice to cut your losses or recklessly proceed with your goal or plans. Think of the nightmare holiday scenario – the tree has caught fire but you’re concerned about the turkey getting dry. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses before things spiral out of control. It may not always save a life, but it can definitely save you more than a few bad days.

So whether you’re a freelancer, DIYer, 9-5er, entrepreneur, or a supermom, these few tips will help you run a tighter ship with less stress and smoother sailing. And remember, the most important thing is that you try and do your best every day. Manage your time, outsource the cleaning, schedule, keep a lush contacts list, and be willing to cut your losses, and you’ll find that your life is a lot more enjoyable!