The Benefits Of An Efficient Central Heating System

In the UK, we are known for our wild Winters and overall cold and wet climate. Most days in the UK, we need to warm up our homes and in the past, we only had the fire in the living room to do that. Thankfully, things have moved on and now we have a wide choice of heating systems to choose from. We are now able to install an oil, gas and quite recently, wood burning boiler in our homes and it is there to heat up the whole house and not just one room. Heating is necessary if you are to live in the UK and stay healthy and warm.

Gas Central Heating

Across the UK, gas central heating has proven to be very popular because of the savings that can be made regarding bills. Gas currently is much cheaper than alternatives like oil and electricity. Modern condensing boilers are so efficient with regards to their energy consumption and so you get a fantastic return on the money spent to install the boiler in your home. Some estimates state that the average bill in a UK home for gas central heating is six hundred and nine pounds, but when you compare it to the average bill for a home that uses an oil fired boiler, then you are looking at two thousand and fifty three pounds for the year. That is a significant difference  and in today’s society, that is a lot of money that could be used elsewhere in the home.

More Efficient

Modern condensing boilers in Gloucester operate at about ninety percent efficiency, which means lots of savings when it comes to energy used and the final bill at the end. You can now control the boiler more, with the various thermostats installed in the units and on the radiators, and so each room can be at a different temperature from the next. In the past all rooms got exactly the same heat using the old style radiators but not now. You are now able to control the flow of the hot water which allows you to get just the right heat in the room, so that it is comfortable and not too hot. All of us are different when it comes to the temperature we are comfortable at and so being able to personalise the heat in an individual room is invaluable.

The Best Choice

Choosing a gas fired heating system is definitely the right way to go when it comes to deciding what kind of heating system you want to install inside your home.  Modern gas boilers are incredibly efficient and there are controls on the unit and the radiators to help conserve energy and reduce bills. Many people look at the other alternatives like oil and electric but they always end up coming back to the gas boiler for their needs.

If you are looking for the best and most efficient way to heat your home, then stop looking and decide for gas. It has proven itself time and time again to be the most popular kind of heating in the UK.