Bathroom Renovation: Here Are Some Things to Consider

If you plan ahead and think about why you want a new bathroom, the entire process will run a lot smoother. If you are considering refurbishing your old bathroom, then it is important to carefully plan each stage of the project, so the end result is something you can be proud of. This guide will help you successfully plan a stylish revamp, ensuring you avoid some of the more common mistakes.

What do you want from a bathroom renovation?

This should be one of the first questions you ask yourself before starting a project, once you establish your goals and objectives it makes it a lot easier to work towards a mission. If you don’t really know why you are carrying out a revamp, sit down and carefully consider the project. Try and think about what you like in your current bathroom and what you’d like to change, it is also important to consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself about usage, all the things you do in your bathroom should impact upon planning, if you like to relax and spend time in the bath, then considering installing a sizeable tub.

Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners give for renovating their bathrooms.

  • General improvement on the existing bathroom
  • Modernise an old unit
  • Create more space
  • Make the bathroom more user friendly
  • Create additional storage

What will have the biggest impact on price?

If you visit an established bathroom specialist like JMG Bathrooms, they’ll give you a detailed run down of all the costs involved in fitting a new unit. An experienced company will have knowledgeable employees on hand to help you choose the most affordable bathroom for your home.

The layout of your bathroom will have a considerable impact on price, if you fit the toilet, sink, bath tub and shower in the same place as before, you’ll save a lot more money on installation. If you decide to move your core fittings, you’ll need a lot more work done to connect your plumbing. If you are planning a complete overhaul, do your best to keep your main units in their original position.

How long with a bathroom renovation take?

Refurbishing a new bathroom can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the scale of the workload. If you don’t move any of your core fixtures, a professional bathroom contractor will be able to completely revamp the room a lot quicker.

Will I be able to create more storage?

The answer to this is question is a definite yes, if you carefully plan your new bathroom, you’ll be surprised at how much extra storage space you can create, always think about using dead space as clever storage areas.

Planning is really important when revamping your bathroom, if you fail to prepare for the project you may encounter several issues that could have been avoided. Consider all your options and think about storage, size, your lifestyle, your budget, and other factors. In addition, consult with a bathroom expert where possible.