How To Add Curb Appeal to Any Residential Property

The first thing you need when you want to sell any residential real estate is attention. Without multiple buyers’ eyes on the property, there is no chance of making a good sale. Marketing is vital, of course, but you need to maintain interest beyond the flashy photos and intriguing text. How do you grab a potential buyer’s interest the moment he or she sees the house?

Curb appeal is the term used for the way the property looks from the street. First impressions being as important as they are, you need to create a look and feel that convinces people to get out of their cars and come closer. 

new luxury home with elegant touches including covered entrance, columns

Consider the Whole Neighborhood Appeal

In real estate, there exists a subtle balancing act between presenting the most attractive property possible and making the rest of the neighborhood look shabby in comparison. People who want to buy a home consider the surrounding location as much as the actual house. Focus on condition, style and attractive additions like outdoor planters that boost curb appeal without adding anything flashy. Changes can be subtle and still have a great effect on the impression potential buyers have of the residential real estate property.

Quick Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

1. Repair – In order to sell a residential real estate property quickly, everything inside and outside of the house should be in good condition. Not only does this make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves moving in without stress, but an exterior in good shape gets them in the door to check out the rest to begin with.

To improve curb appeal, repair everything people can see from the street and driveway first. The pathway to the front door must be free of cracks or loose paving stones or bricks. The gutters should be clean and firmly attached to the roof. If you have sagging or cracked shutters, consider upgrading to custom exterior shutters in long-lasting PVC material. Also, check all light fixtures, hose connections and exterior outlets.

2. Repaint or Resurface – Although painting the entire house may cost more than the seller wishes to pay before offering the house, it is important to present a clean and current look. Consider having the trim around the windows, doors and roofline painted in a neutral color. The front door could use a new coat of paint, too, and you might want a brighter tone here. Consider a lovely blue, green or soft red paint.

Things like pathways, the driveway, the porch and patios need attention to increase curb appeal. If the homeowner will not resurface them, power washing makes a good alternative.

3. Beautify – Boost curb appeal with new landscaping foliage and flower ideas. Two simple ways to add color and interest are window boxes and attractive wreaths on the front door.

Newer light fixtures, stylish cushions on the front porch furniture and accessories like birdbaths and solar lighting in the gardens also help boost the look of any property. Besides adding attractive accents, make sure every surface is clean. Powerwash patios, porches and garage doors. Refresh mulch or landscape stone. Clean glass windows to a high shine.

Small Investments on Form and Function Work

Increasing curb appeal does not have to require a large budget, hiring multiple professionals to help or a lot of time spent before you can put the property on the market. If you focus on fixing everything, keeping the real estate clean and well-maintained and making a few beautifying changes, you will increase the chance of potential buyers taking a second look.

Unless the residential property you want to sell is exceptional in its location, you need to put in a bit more effort to make it as enticing as possible to real estate buyers. Things like stone countertops, neutral paint palettes and an open floor plan mean little if you cannot get people to stop and walk up to the front door. Curb appeal does just that. Take some time and make an investment in how your house looks from the street, and get the benefits of more interested people who want to buy.