5 Reasons to Choose Timber Decking over a Stone Patio.

When renovating your garden, you want to make the right decisions about the materials you choose to work with. A great way to add more communal space for you to enjoy with your friends and family is by adding a floored space. The two most common ways to do this are by adding decking or a patio.

To follow are five reasons you should choose timber decking over patio when upgrading your outdoor space.

  1. Can be put over any surface 

The great thing about decking is that you can build it to go over any surface. In comparison the stone flooring, which needs to be placed over a flat surface, a decking is raised from the ground and therefore can be built over uneven terrain.

  1. Lasts a long time 

When looked after correctly, your timber can last a very long time. Whilst is does require some work to maintain, the results of keeping it looking great are astonishing.

  1. It Looks amazing 

Building on from the last point, decking can look amazing when you get it right. You can choose from many different types of wood, finishes and styles to suit you, your home and your needs.

  1. Child friendly

When our kids play out in the garden they often fall over, trip and end up really messy. A decking provides a safe area for your children to play and you can even fit a gate and fence around the decking so that you can rest assured that your children are playing safe.

Timber is also a lot of a better surface to fall over onto than stone is. So your children are less likely to suffer from an injury during their play.

  1. Easy to replace and restore

If one of your decking panels becomes damaged, you can easily replace it with a similar timber beam. Stone patio paving is much more difficult to replace and it looks strange and out of place when you replace it with different stone.

So, now you know what material you need to choose for your garden, why not get in touch with a professional to help make your garden dreams become a reality.