4 Reasons to Add a Massage Function to Your Rise and Recline Chair

There are quite a few accessories available with rise and recline chairs, including wheels, arm and head covers, head cushions, and reading lights. However, probably the most desirable addition is a massage function, and here are just four reasons you should treat yourself to one.

  1. Loosens Muscles

You probably know that most modern athletes have several massages each week, and people who have just gone through a physical challenge, such as a marathon, often book massages soon after they finish. This is because a good massage works to loosen the muscles, which soothes the body, reduces discomfort, and speeds up recovery times. All those benefits apply just as much to people with mobility issues. After turning on your chair’s massage function for 10 minutes or so, your muscles should feel noticeably looser.

  1. Increases Circulation

Proper circulation is vital if you suffer from mobility problems. Healthy blood flow is required to remove waste products and carry oxygen to cells across the body. Unfortunately, circulation is often inhibited when the body is seated. A massage function will increase blood flow by softly manipulating the body.

  1. Prevents Pressure Points

Even a rise and recline armchair built around your exact measurements is going to develop pressure points when you’ve been seated for more than an hour or too. When part of your body is bearing too much weight, pressure points can form, resulting in discomfort and impacting your mobility. A massage function helps prevent pressure points forming by constantly moving the body and slightly shifting the way weight is distributed across the chair.

  1. Enhances Comfort

Even if a massage function held zero health benefits, it would still make a worthy addition to your rise and recline chair. After all, people have massages more for comfort than for physical therapy, so why not extend that level of comfort to your new armchair? If you suffer from mobility problems, it’s likely you’ll be spending extended periods sitting down. It only makes sense to add all the comfort features you can.