10 Ideas for your Building’s Flat Roof

A flat roof home has a number of advantages, one of which is the chance to build a deck on a flat roof, the opportunity to decorate the roof and use it in a variety of ways. Here are 10 ways you can use a flat roof, depending on your hobbies and passions.

Want a flat roof design?

  • A rooftop garden is an obvious choice for a nature lover. You will need a canopy, some furniture and a deck supplier near you to make it all work. This option is ideal for aesthetes and lovers of nature leisure – now, you just need to go up to your roof for a stroll. Your choice of plants can vary – turn your roof space into an exotic garden or choose edible crops. 
  • A flat roof can also be adapted for meals – turn it into a dining room for an early breakfast on a sunny day or arrange a romantic dinner. The terrace can be equipped with everything you need – a table, chairs, comfortable sofas and armchairs. Safe and aesthetically pleasing flat roofing systems are available for building a deck on a roof.
  • Your deck can also transform into a pool party area on sunny summer days – a luxury roof deck deserves a swimming pool with a view! This option requires serious strategic preparation and design for building a rooftop deck, reinforcing the roof and analyzing the safety of the project. 
  • If you want to make your terrace a more versatile space than a place to hang out on hot summer days, you can turn it into a patio to hang out with friends with some simple DIY furniture, accessories, a minibar and music! Here you can have a great weekend with friends (both on warm days, sunbathing, and on cool evenings, with blankets and wine) or even organize a birthday party!

How can I make my flat roof more attractive?

Building a deck on a flat roof requires the input of professional designers and builders. Contact us at Delta Decks, and you may soon be hanging a hammock on your roof and enjoying the new angle on your neighborhood. Here are some options:

  1. If you’re more of an active type, you might also consider converting your rooftop into a tennis court – especially if the terrace area allows it. Sports are always good, but it may be time-consuming to actually go to a sports center. With a tennis court or a rooftop sports field, you can play sports at any time convenient for you.
  2. On the same sport-related note, you can set up group activities like yoga or pilates for your friends and neighbors. Make sure your decking is made of appropriate material. 
  3. Consider building a roof deck and set up an employee common space, which can be a relaxation zone or a coworking area. Equip it with tables, chairs, sockets – and everyone can concentrate on important tasks, or put in a few lounge chairs and a pool table for that needed midday break.
  4. All of the above options for building a rooftop deck are more relevant for adults than for children, but kids also deserve some attention. Set up a safe play area for your kids and equip it with anything from a sandbox to a full-fledged playground, depending on the area, of course.
  5. Invest in a telescope! Your rooftop deck will become instantly popular among adults and kids alike!
  6. Put up a gazebo and set up a spot to nap in the fresh air. 

Our Delta Decks team comprises experts in deck design, residential decking and flat roof installation. We’ve handled projects of various scale and budget and will be happy to help you turn your roof into the deck of your dreams!